yes nghĩa là gì

For our purposes, this means that yes/no questions that depend on countably many coordinates have a probabilistic answer.

In a few words, yes, this tuy nhiên is a bit generic.

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And we were insulted and yes, we are angry.

And yes he was interested in acting too.

He received three yes votes from the judges.

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If the person was looking for all yes-men, then he is simply a yes-man too and đồ sộ whom?

Despite finally having what he's always wanted, he says he feels lượt thích a caged animal surrounded by yes-men and is really lonely.

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It sure pays đồ sộ have been a yes-man in the mill.

It's a whole board of yes-men and say-nothing women.

This one manifests with executives surrounding themselves with yes-men and yes-women, who tell them only what they want đồ sộ hear.